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19/50 photos of Christofer Drew.

19/50 photos of Christofer Drew.


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I’m still deciding how I feel about this. I mean Chris just took a shit on what Bryan does. And Chris stands for love and happiness and peace. Where’s spreading the love there? I didn’t see it. I feel like Chris was pissed about what Bryan said in the “RIP nsn?” video. And I for one feel it was  not okay what Chris said. I think he could have said it a lot nicer. I don’t think that he should have done the interview when he was that mad. In a way, I really don’t think Chris gave a fuck what Bryan thought. But on the other hand, Chris was being honest. He was saying what he felt. Maybe not in the best way but that’s what he does. Chris just says what is on his mind. Obviously. He’s done that from the beginning. Chris was trying to be really deep throughout the whole interview but everyone knows that is not what bryans about. not hating but bryan is just a happy go lucking lalala kind of guy. bryan always does those type of interviews. he doesn’t seem to have the deep sense that chris has. and that’s ok. but hayden, im sorry i know lots of people love him, but i feel like he was being so rude. he was giving bryan one word answers and being super idk just rude. taylor was trying. he really was. and i admire that. 

everyone was right and everyone was wrong. 

Poor Taylor getting hate…was the only one who wasn’t rude at all. Love you Tay. 

I totally agree with what you said. And as mush as i love Bryans interviews his questions get a little old and i do think he should also get some better questions about the MUSIC. but thats the fun thing about his interviews is that they aren't like all the other ones and they are funny and fun to watch (usually) but i also wish NSN could have been nicer and just gone with it and maybe said something after the interview :\

Yeah totally :S Chris did say that it was “very sad” to see Bryan cry at the end of the video (I saw to his reply to a fan)

I just hate seeing people fight and argue over this x(

Hey, im a huge nsn fan. And i just wanted to say Bryan Stars had it coming. His questions are really stupid such as (what is your Favourite part of your body?) in a music interview. like WTF. I think Chris was right to say what he did. The truth hurts, Chris is a realist. He just tells it like it is.

Well yeah I guess, He should of just said no the the interview because Chris already knew what kind of silly questions Bryan asked. I think Chris did sound a little rude towards Bryan though…and I totally get why Bryan cried at the end, I would have cried my eyeballs out if I were him. Because first of all he drove 7 hours just to talk to Chris, and in the end he was a dick, then Chris told him his show was a “joke”, then humiliated him in front of everyone..I mean I would of cried SO much *.* I just think he could have said what he was gonna say but less rude I guess. I personally LOVE  Bryan’s questions in any interview he has done because they’re different and silly but I guess Chris just likes serious ones…now. IDK I still love Chris. 

Can you please explain why everyone all of a sudden hates chris?

Basically he was being a dick to Bryan Stars on their most recent interview. Some people hate Chris now but then others hate Bryan now….lol so. Yeh. I hate none or them.